for gPXE version 0.9.3 dynamically generates gPXE and Etherboot ROM images.

Supporting 607 NIC variations and 8 output formats.

To create and download a gPXE ROM image:
  1. Choose NIC/ROM type:

    PCI IDs for available NICs are documented here.
    You need to know this if you are going to burn/flash a ROM image because
    PCI IDs on the NIC and ROM must match. If you are making any other
    kind of image, you only need to match the family (family:rom_name)
    part of the identifier.

  2. Choose ROM output format:

  3. (optional) To customize ROM configuration press:

  4. To generate and download a ROM image press:

  5. Take a look at the README for gpxe-0.9.3


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