Some hints on building a floppy or ROM image

For booting from a floppy, you only have to use the right driver. For example, the "tulip" driver will boot many different cards from a floppy, but if you need a ROM for an MX98715 (tulip clone), you need to specify "mx98715" for your ROM image.

For images to be burned/flashed into ROMs for ISA NICs, there are no IDs to match. You just need to match the card type.

For images to be burned/flashed into ROMs for PCI NICs, the PCI IDs of the ROM *must* match those of the NIC the ROM to be detected. PCI IDs for NICs can be found by various methods, for example, by running the "lspci" program on a GNU/Linux machine, or the "PCI" program in DOS. Some BIOSes even display PCI IDs upon booting. On a GNU/Linux machine you can do:

  $ cat /proc/bus/pci/devices

to display a raw list of devices. The PCI IDS are displayed in the second field for each device listed. You may also have to run a program to enable the ROM socket on your NIC (some come disabled) and require a utility to enable them.

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